Saturday, March 14, 2009

Honey-Do list

So yesterday I got this idea for a post. I thought I would post all of the things I want Dave to get done before the baby comes. Well, he must have suspected my plans because after we had breakfast this morning he said he was headed off to Lowe's to get some supplies.

Well, I'm still going to post it anyway...

So, here's the list:

1. Build cat house for Karilyn and Heidi's room out of the pink carpet we bought months ago.

2. Complete crown molding in the downstairs and upstairs hall.

3. Paint Dining/craft room.

4. Paint play room.

5. Paint laundry room.

6. Help me with last minute garden clean up and the planting when it comes time.
I was going to get a picture of out empty garden, but I forgot, what a surprise.

I will keep you posted with after pictures as these projects get completed.

Today he bought the crown molding and the plywood for the cat house. Yippee!

I've got some other small projects too that mostly involve cleaning and organizing/getting ready for our garage sale. Maybe the cleaning should start immediately, my house looks kind of messy in the pictures.

on another note...

I have been playing with my Cricut and listing some stuff on Etsy all weekend. I made some felt board cutouts for Karilyn and Heidi which I was going to give them for Easter, but they have confiscated them.

Here are the pictures:

Valli-I think the one girl in the first picture kind of reminds me of your mom.


amy said...

Oh my word, those felt shapes are wonderful! That is A LOT of work! I'm kind of jealous. I think I want a felt board.

Hope Dave got lots done today. Chop, chop! Don't forget the boxes he needs to take to Goodwill. :)

If this is effective, expect to be seeing my honey do list for Jeremy in the near future.

Tenacious V said...

So the garden will not be as well-filled this year as last? Bummer. I really enjoyed watching it grow via pictures on the internet. :-) But I guess it's okay since we're getting a new baaaaaby.

The funny thing is that the gray-haired one is my mom now, but the brown-haired one toward the left was my mom in the '80s. I was confused for a minute, like, whoa, Beth didn't know my mom back then.

Go Dave! You can do it! Super man!

The Crazy Life of a Navy Wife said...

Those felt shapes are awesome!! I sort of want them for myself :) Maybe I will have to start creating!

Hope Dave gets some things done quickly! He's running out of time! Dan will have a honey do list when he gets home :) Won't he be excited!

courtney said...

nothing like a list of things telling him how much you love and appreciate him.

i love your felt people too! and what's circut?

ps. are you having a boy/girl? when are you due?

Beth said...

Valli, oh yes, our garden will be as stocked as last year, probably more...

Courtney, A cricut is a machine that cuts shapes out of paper. I am due May 31st, we don't know what were having.

Traci said...

I so love the felt shapes. Are you considering making and selling them? I would love to get a set or two for my classroom.

One more thing to add to Dave's Playhoue at the Hall's. LOL

Of couse you can come too and have pizza and such....