Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Patchwork Twirler Dresses

I found an adorable patchwork twirler dress pattern on Etsy, here is the address of the shop:


And then I found this fabric:

One great thing + one great thing = Pure excitement!

So I got to work! These dresses were extremely time consuming, but worth ever minute! I have plans to make at least 4 more, plus some for my nieces.

I cut out the bodice pieces:

I cut out all the squares, 105 for Heidi's dress and 87 for Karilyn's:

I put the bodice together:

I started attaching the layers:

I used clear elastic for the gathering to save time, it really helped.

I ironed each layer as it went on:

I hemmed it:

I slip stitched the inside of the bodice. The pattern suggested doing it another way, but I like this way so the seam isn't rubbing against their skin.

I accidentally slip stitched a bit too much, or rather slip stitched the skirt into the top part, oops!

I used fray check for Heidi's dress, but I got smarter when I make Karilyn's and I zigzag stitched the seams. A serger would have come in handy for this part, I could have gone to use my mom's, but these dresses were already time consuming enough.

They're finally done!
I wanted to take pictures sooner, but the kids had the flu and I didn't want anyone puking on their new dress during the "photo shoot".

Heidi wanted to go inside because she's "afraid of the wind", yes, afraid of the wind! I haven't heard that one before. She refuses to let us have any windows open, looks like it's going to be air conditioning all around for us, oh shoot.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekender Tote Project

I'm very excited to participate in an online sew along! This week is "gather supplies" week, probably the most fun!

Here is the fabric I chose:

I'm also making dresses for Karilyn and Heidi that will match. I'll be posting pictures of both along the way!

You can see my full progress here:


Monday, April 19, 2010

Diana's Delectable Chocolates

At the last craft fair I did, I was approached by a shop owner who wanted to have my cards in her store. Her shop is in Louisville and the name of it is Diana's Delectable Chocolates, bet you thought I was talking about my baby from the title didn't you!

She makes yummy chocolates and has crafts in her store. I'm very excited about this, mostly just for the fun of it. I went on Friday to pick up my first "paycheck". I sold a whopping 4 cards for a grand total of $9.60. I'm positive sales will pick up once people know that they're there, if not, it's fun anyway! Right now I just have my smaller card rack there, but I might move my big one out too.

I've been working on a ton of projects, mostly sewing projects. I'm taking pictures of my progress and I will be posting pictures soon, well, as long as my Etsy shop slows down... Yes, you heard that right! For the first time since I open my shop I'm selling stuff as fast as my amazingly talented sister. I'm attributing it to the fact that she just had the most adorable baby boy that she's too in love with him to sell stuff. I'm sure once he gets a little older people will buy her stuff again and my glory day will be over, but it's been fun while it's lasted.