Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Patchwork Twirler Dresses

I found an adorable patchwork twirler dress pattern on Etsy, here is the address of the shop:


And then I found this fabric:

One great thing + one great thing = Pure excitement!

So I got to work! These dresses were extremely time consuming, but worth ever minute! I have plans to make at least 4 more, plus some for my nieces.

I cut out the bodice pieces:

I cut out all the squares, 105 for Heidi's dress and 87 for Karilyn's:

I put the bodice together:

I started attaching the layers:

I used clear elastic for the gathering to save time, it really helped.

I ironed each layer as it went on:

I hemmed it:

I slip stitched the inside of the bodice. The pattern suggested doing it another way, but I like this way so the seam isn't rubbing against their skin.

I accidentally slip stitched a bit too much, or rather slip stitched the skirt into the top part, oops!

I used fray check for Heidi's dress, but I got smarter when I make Karilyn's and I zigzag stitched the seams. A serger would have come in handy for this part, I could have gone to use my mom's, but these dresses were already time consuming enough.

They're finally done!
I wanted to take pictures sooner, but the kids had the flu and I didn't want anyone puking on their new dress during the "photo shoot".

Heidi wanted to go inside because she's "afraid of the wind", yes, afraid of the wind! I haven't heard that one before. She refuses to let us have any windows open, looks like it's going to be air conditioning all around for us, oh shoot.


Tenacious V said...

Those? Are SUPER cute. And made even cuter by their models. :-)

Jennifer said...

Wow!!! You did a great job! Is this the pattern you made for Diana too? How willing are you to allow me to borrow it? :P

Beth said...

Diana is getting one, but from different fabrics.

amy said...

OH.MY. I better hurry up & pick out my fabrics! These are SOOOOO ADORABLE! Love the photos of them "hanging out" in the driveway. You did such a great job!

I think it's hilarious that Heidi's afraid of "wind". Sounds like a second child issue. Lindsay was (is?) always afraid of "ridiculous" (in my mind) things! I wish I could remember some of the things she's been afraid of but alas, my memory fails me at the moment...

The Crazy Life of a Navy Wife said...


Kristina said...

SOOOO very cute!!!! My middle child would love one of those....and she two was afraid of crazy things when she was younger...I agree with Amy something about the second child!! Enjoy these days...they go by quickly!!!