Sunday, April 5, 2009

What Heidi was up to last week:

So she may look sweet and innocent in this picture, but she has been up to some mischief this week!

1. She got out all the puzzles and mixed up all the pieces.

2. She smeared body glitter all over her hair, we gave her a bath.

3. She smeared shampoo all over her newly clean hair, we gave her another bath.

4. She ate all the tops off an entire batch of cupcakes.

5. She smeared puffy paint on the white living room carpet.

6. She caught my parent's bed on fire, it would have gone up in flames if my mom and I weren't right there huffing and puffing the fire out.

7. She fell down the stairs.

and last, for the grand finale,

8. She cut the cats' whiskers off while they were sleeping. Here is the picture, look closely. Poor Sparkleworks has whiskers that are about a centimeter long, and Smokey looks just as bad.

They will, thankfully, grow back, but in the meantime the cats may run into things. We haven't seen any of that drama yet, but we're watching and waiting.


Beth said...

Dave says I forgot to say that she smeared shampoo all over the leather couch too.

amy said...

If I could get as much done as Heidi does in a week, I would be a very productive woman. :)

I think my approach may work better for her though - sit on couch, think about accomplishing tasks, sit on couch, get snack, walk around & look at mess, add more things to do to my list, sit on couch, etc, etc. Maybe she should attempt to be a little less "productive" like her Auntie.


The Crazy Life of a Navy Wife said...

Oh my goodness! She is a wild one!!! I hope she's not going to teach the new one her tricks... you'll have your hands full!!!!

Tenacious V said...

Talk about terrible twos! ;-p In that picture, she looks sooooo much like Karilyn. My favorite may be eating all the tops off the cupcakes. He he he.

Kristina said...

This is so funny! I guess since there aren't pictures on the blog that you didn't think to take any? Several of those would have made adorable scarpbook pages. Hope the puffy paint came out of the carpet. At least mine never did their creative things all in one week. Hope you survived without collecting to many gray hairs! said...

LOL!!! She must be a genius to be so creative!

Anonymous said...

oh my, what a week! Fire? How did that happen>

Beth said...

She tried to light a match herself and succeeded on the first try. My mom and I thought she'd never be able to, what two year old can do such a thing? But I guarantee she'll never do it again!

Nail polish remover gets puffy paint out of carpet. We keep several bottles handy.