Monday, July 20, 2009

Dear, Oh Deer

Last night we discovered that deer have been feasting on our garden! Here's my proof:

Pictures of the hoof prints and my beets that have been eaten:

And my awesome purple beans that the deer also enjoyed:

Hum, deer must like purple foods!

Oh well!

Here is a shot of my onions which I have tons of, but deer don't like onions! Thanks Dad for getting me lots of onion sets! They are really yummy.

Here are my Lilies that I'm proud of, they smell soooo good. Every time I walk out onto my deck I can smell them.

Right now I've got some new potatoes cooking in the crock pot for dinner, I can't wait to eat them! The deer apparently didn't want to get it's paws dirty digging up potatoes because those weren't harmed! My Dad and I sure had fun digging them up though, it was so cool to pull the soil away and see fresh potatoes!


Tenacious V said...

Dear Dave,
Please don't shoot the dear.


Tenacious V said...

Dear Beth,

I'm totally dying to try some of your fresh garden veggies in two weeks!


Dave said...

Deer Valli,
There won't be any veggies left in 2 weeks if I don't shoot the deer! Do you know how many millions of dollars of crops get damaged every year from deer eating them and walking through them? Hunters and predation animals are the ones that keep the deep population under control.
It won't be traumatic for anyone except any liberals out there. I'll show you pics of my girls hugging dead deer that I have shot. They don't mind.

amy said...

I can't believe they've made such pigs of themselves. Why are they hanging out in the middle of town??? Go to the woods! Sorry they're eating all of your tasty food. :(