Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our Vacation

Last weekend we went to Washington DC and Virginia. We left Friday morning at 4:30 and got to DC at about 10:30. We then went to the Museum of natural History. We had lunch there and we're very excited about this Triceratops cookie:

Then we left for the White House where we got to visit Janet Creighton (Canton's old Mayor) at her really cool office building next to the White House. She gave us a tour of the building and took us out onto part of the White House lawn. Those dogs were SCARY!
Karilyn took this picture of us in front of the White House.
After the White House, we went back to the Museum. Karilyn and Heidi's favorite part of the museum was "drying" their hair under the hand dryers.
They were also really impressed with the rocks in Washington DC.

Then we were off to Virginia. We stayed with my brother Ken and his Wife Valli. Thanks guys! Their house is so cute and Ken has the coolest workshop ever! Valli did a wonderful job blogging about our visit!

We went to the beach on Sunday. We met my other brother Dan and his Wife Caiti. We got to see their new house. It was really nice!

Karilyn spelled her name in the sand.
Heidi LOVED the giant sandbox!

And finally, on Monday, we went back to DC to go to the Air and Space museum. We spent most of our time in the gift shop.
Karilyn was ready to go home!


Tenacious V said...

Awwwww, poor, tired Karilyn. She had too much fun all weekend, she just couldn't take more on Monday! ;-) All the pics are super cute. I admire the fact that you guys did the DC thing with kids. That takes chutzpah! (Is that a word?) We had a blast and we miss you guys. It was nice to have a full house. :-)

amy said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I want a Triceratops cookie. :(

I like the beach photos - those will be fun to scrap!

I'm jealous of the white house visit. That sounds really neat. Next time let's drop the kids off at a McDonald's bathroom - they can use the hand dryers and I'll go on the white house tour in their place. :)