Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trick or Treat...Fall asleep!

We had trick or treating on Sunday. Neither Karilyn or Heidi could decide on what they were going to wear. Karilyn finally had a real pretty princess dress picked out and Heidi kept going back and forth between a skunk and a cow, and sometimes a dog.

It came time to leave and Karilyn changed her mind and went upstairs and put on a too small princess dress nightgown thing with brown polka-dot tights and a maroon long-sleeved shirt underneath.

Heidi thought she wanted to wear the skunk, but then at the last minute threw a fit and wanted it off. She said she would be the cow, but I couldn't get that on her either! So she had it in the wagon and wore black pants and a white shirt. It would have been really cute with a cow over top.

Heidi didn't make it half way around the neighborhood before she was out cold! It should have been her favorite activity too, going around and getting "nandy".

Notice how she is at least "holding" her costume

Don't worry, we still have our status as the neighborhood hooligans, everyone else's kids looked really cute and wore appropriate costumes.


Tenacious V said...

Too cute. Karilyn has quite the taste in fashion, doesn't she? Oh, and that blanket in the wagon looks familiar...

amy said...

Literally laughing out loud. It's funny how your stories make me feel so "normal".

Our trick or treating is tonight. I haven't broken the news to anyone yet because I knew they wouldn't go to bed last night all excited about the "nandy"-to-be.

Thanks for the laugh firt thing this a.m. :)