Saturday, November 8, 2008

Smokey and Sparkle-works

Well, we finally broke down and got Karilyn a cat and since we were at it we got Heidi one too. Karilyn has been asking for a cat ever since she could talk. A few weeks ago I met a friend of a friend who had kittens so I told her we might be interested. Now we have two cats, both girls. Poor Dave, even our pets are all girls.

We let the girls name their cats. Heidi named hers Smokey, or "Mokey", she stole the name from you Caiti, I hope you don't mind. Karilyn named her cat Sparkle-works. I think we might call her sparkle for short, or maybe sparky.

Dave and I did a LOT of contemplating! I'm not sure I've ever been so stressed out about a decision before, but I did it for Karilyn and Heidi.

Heidi is a mother hen with her cat. She tries to make her eat, drink, and pee all the time. She pushed her around in a stroller for a very long time. Karilyn just likes to sit and hold her cat. The cats are really tolerant of the girl's less than gentle handling.

Misty is tolerating the cats pretty well, she doesn't seem to care much. Karilyn's cat is more afraid of Misty than Heidi's cat. But we've not had anything worse than a bit of hissing. I think they'll get used to the idea of living together really soon.

I'm sure you all want to see pictures:


Tenacious V said...

Awwwwww! How ADORABLE are those cats?! Not quite as adorable as the girls, but pretty darn cute. And I like how Heidi was pretty unoriginal with her name, but Karilyn was uberoriginal. Too cute.

Also, Heidi's mullet is sooooo cute. She's getting so much business in back!

The Crazy Life of a Navy Wife said...

Om my goodness!!!!! They are soooooo cute!!! Of course I don't mind about the name. I'm flattered :p

I think it's a great thing that you and Dave did this for the girls! They look so happy!