Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My favorite Quote and our Christmas lights

Karilyn got herself dressed today and said:

"I don't really kind of feel like matching much today."

In an effort to spend more time together as a family this year we are doing The 12 Dates of Christmas. We did our first one today. We took Karilyn and Heidi to see Santa. Okay, so we don't believe in Santa at our house, but they were having a santa party at my OB's office and Karilyn and Heidi LOVE going there, so I thought they would have fun. They'll be so excited, I have an appointment tomorrow too. You would be able to see Karilyn's newborn picture on the wall behind santa if the tree wasn't blocking it, and if the picture was a little bit bigger.

And here is our house all decorated:

I walked out across the wet street in my socks to get the picture. And yes, the lights over the garage aren't cooperating, thanks for noticing.

And, oh dear, Dave got another deer. A doe, I asked him if we could actually keep some of the meat this time.


The Crazy Life of a Navy Wife said...

Karilyn looks soooo cute!!!! Go her :) Your lights look great! nice job!

amy said...

Okay, so the outfit is hilarious. Lindsay wore a pink skirt, a blue shirt and BRIGHT red tights to church the other night. Yikes! I guess she didn't really feel like matching much either. Yesterday she did the bright pink leggings, a lighter pink skirt and a dusty pink shirt - the monochromatic look. And yes, she will only wear skirts. A bit of a challenge in the laundry department since she only has four.

The lights look great! Glad I didn't have to get way up there to put them up! Jeremy put lights up along our roofline too this year. Possibly the only benefit of living in a ranch = easy to put up Christmas lights.

We are celebrating Advent at our house to emphasize the meaning of Christmas. I hope to post pics tonight.

Okay, so apparently I've been neglecting my blog and will post volumnnous comments on yours instead.


Tenacious V said...

Love Karilyn's outfit. I remember the days when I first started dressing myself and I didn't see the sense in wearing socks that matched each other or my outfit. Any two would do. And now I am, at age 28, paranoid if my purse doesn't match what I'm wearing.

No wonder you have to have faith like a child...they're a lot less ridiculous than we grown-ups are!

And I like that part of the lights are out. It gives your house and its holiday decor character.

Alternately, I wouldn't expect anything less for the family who lets their 5-year-old walk around like that. :-p

Dave said...

Clothes are supposed to match?
I just wear what is warm.

courtney said...

that is the best picture and quote ever! i love love love it!