Monday, December 1, 2008

Professional Gingerbread house makers, WATCH OUT!

We created some "really cool" houses today. Shall I enter them in a contest?

The pictures just don't do them justice, they are even more awful in real life. I'm really bad at gingerbread houses!


amy said...

Too funny! It seems so easy. Every year, I have such high expectations and thoughts of how "beautiful" our gingerbread houses are going to be. EVERY year, the ones we make are hideous. Not to mention that I end up being so frustrated by the time we are done, it probably wasn't worth the "bonding" and "fun" we supposedly had. (Yes, I know, I need to relax.)

Soon, we will be making our house and I will of course be posting our "beautiful" photos.

The Gingerbread Nazi

Tenacious V said...

I like how they look like they're sloooooooowly melllllllting...