Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pleat Week and a Little More Help From Another Friend

Yes I do have a lot of friends... and a lot of help. Heidi helped me with pleat week on the weekender tote project.

(I didn't get any pictures of the sewing the two fabrics together or of ironing on the interfacing.)

Here I'm sewing the pleats in place:
Here I'm getting ready to cut: I was a bit nervous. Jen, if you're reading this, you actually WERE HELPFUL!
The cut pleats all ready to go:
Fortunately, Heidi didn't start helping me until AFTER I used the template:
She saw the dotted line and thought I needed it cut. She actually thought she WAS helping. But if you look closely you'll see that her cutting skills are very good as she cut perfectly on the line, not bad for a three year old... if only I needed it cut!

I'll have to print a new template out for the next weekender tote I make!

I wonder who will help me next week with the straps and outer shell.


amy said...

Adorable! She certainly is good at cutting on the dotted line. :)

Your tote is looking great!

I think I'll stay out of your way. My help would probably be less "helpful" than your friends...

Twins Squared said...

I had to laugh when I saw the picture of your daughter cutting the pleate template. My girls did the same thing!

Tenacious V said...

Your helper is so adorable. Can't wait to see the tote come together!