Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Desk and Supplies

Well, I was trying to list some of my new embroidery things on Etsy, but they are having "hiccups", so instead, I'll be blogging about my fourth child, oh, I mean my machine.

In the first picture you can see the completely awesome desk my dad made me when I was a little girl. If you look closely you can see that the top of the desk matches the green accents of my machine. Pretty cool, huh? Actually, the desk couldn't be more perfect for my machine than if I had one custom made.

In the next picture is my completely awesome machine. The awesomeness is debated among the embroidery world. A lot of embroiderists do not like this machine, but I did not have $3000-$10,000 to spend, so for the money I think this machine is REALLY, REALLY cool!

Here is my trusty laptop, a must for this machine as this is where you do your designing. I first plan out my design on the computer and send it to the machine in the same way you would "print" something in a printer.

This is a picture of the front drawer, be very prepared for awesomeness as this next part is one of the coolest parts.

My thread! My spools fit perfectly in this drawer so I asked Dave to make me a thread holder to hold my threads. And he did! It's so fun to plan out my designs on the computer than open up the drawer to pick out colors from my perfectly organized thread. Thanks Dave!

My needles fit very nicely in this built in pencil holder!

Next we have little scissors, seem rippers, nets, various sewing supplies, bobbins, and bobbin thread.

Behind the front compartment of the same drawer is a "secret" compartment, this is where I keep my manual and a binder of all my designs so i can see them in real colors.

Directly to the right of the front drawer is a smaller drawer where I keep my hoops and stabilizer. This drawer is directly under where my machine sits.

Under that drawer is where I keep my regular, non-embroidery, thread.

The side of the desk has four more drawers. In the top one I keep my fusible interfacing and under wonder or wonder under I can never remember which word comes first.

Under that drawer I have my supplies that convert my embroidery machine into a regular sewing machine. I don't use these much as I usually only embroider with this machine. I usually use my other machine for sewing. Often I have them both going at the same time.

The two bottom drawers are nice and big. In the top on I keep my "blanks" that are white. In the bottom one are my color "blanks".

Dave is pretending to fall asleep as I blog about this. So, sorry if I was a bit boring. My excitement has gotten the better of me.


AKing said...

I have the same machine! It's great for the price! Wish my stuff was as organized as yours. Looks great

amy said...

Oh, I'm not sleeping. I *LOVE* organization. Too bad I don't do more of it. Dave, the thread holder is awesome. Hope that you were sufficiently paid for your efforts. ;)

Great job of planning & organizing! I can't wait to see all those shirts finished! Good thing you don't sleep anymore...

Jennifer said...

I share your enthusiasm about the awesomeness. Are you going to want to do a sew-along with me and "our" book if you're so caught up in the embroidery awesomeness? I mean, regular sewing must seem...so...I don't know...boring. :)

Glad you're having fun!

Tenacious V said...

I think it's awesome. Dave just must be blind to awesomeness. Although he did do a very good job with your thread stackers.

I have all kinds of ideas for shirts. So excited for you!

Have you started school with Karilyn yet? Or is the fourth child taking up all your time right now? ;-)

Dave said...

yes, no one gets any attention except for the 4th child!

Beth said...

Seriously love your machine and your nicely organized set up! You really make me wish I had an embroidery machine now!!