Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sewing and Sleeping

There is a reason I have not blogged in a ridiculous amount of time. I have been doing one of two things. Sewing. Sleeping. The need to sleep all the time comes from being due with our 4th baby in 3 months. The need to sew all the time? I have no idea. I'm a bit sad as I would have liked to post about all of the outfits I've made for our daughters over the past half year, but apparently I'm bad at taking pictures, or, actually not taking pictures at all. I should be in jail. Anyway, I'm going to post a few of the pictures I did manage to get.

Christmas Things:

Heidi's dress was extremely time consuming. I laugh at myself. Every time I made a new dress for one of the girls I say this is the hardest dress I've ever made. Either they are in fact getting harder, or I'm getting dumber. Don't know. 'her dress has an elf appliqued on the front, which you can't really see, and on the other side of the back there is a "North Pole" sign. Yes, I may need to hire a professional if I want any pictures that actually show anything. The good news is that she'll be able to wear it next year, so maybe I'll get some pictures then.

Diana's Shirt was made with my embroidery machine.

I'm not sure why Karilyn didn't wear her skirt ON Christmas with the rest, oh well.
I like the pink kitty boots though.

Heidi's Belle Dress:
I get so sick of cheap costumes, and Heidi's favorite thing to do is dress up, so I'm making her some real dress up clothes. Once again, I haven't gotten any good pictures, and in these she is eating pizza, and yes, that is Diana on the counter.

I made her dress way to big thinking she'll grow into it, that was a mistake. I'll be making the rest of her dresses the proper size. This was the hardest dress I've ever made...

I did not make Karilyn's dress (below), but picked it up for really cheap at a local second hand store. It's so old fashioned and princess like that I had to get it.

Swimming towels:
I appliqued and personalized towels for Karilyn and Heidi for swim class so they wouldn't forget which towel was theirs.

I have big plans this year for swimming, I promise to blog about it and get good pictures if everything turns out like I'm picturing.

I believe I've shown you this dress before, but I actually got good pictures of this one:

Owl dresses:
I made the following dress for all three girls. They were the hardest dresses I've ever made... In my defense, the pattern was wrong in a few spots. I also made them each ruffle pants to match. I didn't get pictures of all of them and now I am sad as the dresses have been outgrown.

The following skirts caused me to say some bad words as I broke my ruffler foot - several times - and I didn't have the proper tools to be taking on such a thing. Oh well, I think the end result of two very happy little girls was worth it. If you are interested I'll make you one for $1000.

And finally,
A cute little dress for a cute little girl:

I have made many, many more dresses and outfits and I realizing that I am incredibly sad that I didn't capture these on film. I'm going to try to be better about that and maybe, just maybe, blog about each one. I'm also annoyed that I had my picture size set to medium for most of the pictures. I'm not going back to change them all.


The Crazy Life of a Navy Wife said...

ADORABLE! You have the most precious little girls! Your talent is amazing and I am more and more impressed each time I see your creations! You should be extremely proud of yourself! Those skirts are so awesome!!! I'll take one for $1,000 ;)

The Crazy Life of a Navy Wife said...

Oh yea..... YAY for the new little one!!!

Tenacious V said...

LOVE all the pictures you managed to eke out, and even more, I love the things you make! How fun, the girls are going to have such good memories of all the beautiful things their mommy made them when they were little. :-)

amy said...

You are an amazing sew-er. (Not the same as a sewer, which, not as amazing). I can't believe all the things you have made. Jeremy and I are always talking about how amazing it is the amount of things you do and get accomplished. Then we lament at how we must be lazy and never get things done.

I love the photos. I really love the last dress on D. That one is so cute. Of course Heidi's Christmas dress is unbelievable. Having seen it in person, the photos do not do justice.

Can't wait for my newest demand on your time - my order. I need to blog about it. :)

Love ya!

Jennifer said...

Ok, well if this one is a boy, then I want dibs on Diana's hand-me-downs. :P With how fast Lila is growing, she may need them like next month. Ha! Great job!! You make me feel so lazy!