Saturday, October 1, 2011

Art and School

We are in the process of doing a MAJOR reorganize. We , meaning mostly my mom and me, are working to make life easier by getting my house in order. I'm a victim of doing too much, raising 4 young kids, homeschooling, running a business, and my hobbies keep me pretty busy. I probably could fill my day with nursing sessions and changing diapers alone, but I like to try to do so much that I can't function at all.

We are working on the basement, library, morning room, playroom, and other smaller areas of the house. I worked a lot in the morning room this weekend and got it to functional level. I still have a lot of labeling to do and definitely some decorating. I'm reupholstering the adult chairs as well as changing the curtains, and possibly painting some of the tables or chairs, or maybe just sanding and staining, I haven't decided yet. Although, it's not very pretty, I'm still excited that it's somewhat clean and functional. The girls were pretty happy to have a workspace back. I thought I'd take pictures and blog about it because it may never be "clean" again.

As you can see, I have a separate Kids table and Adult table. I am hoping that this will still allow us to sit down at a table if the kids leave all their stuff out, but I'm sure that will never happen.

Dave and I went to an auction recently. It was a school auction and it lasted all day. We came home with that kids table ($1), a few chairs ($5 a piece), A kids computer desk ($4), a cubicle shelf ($30), 2 upholstered adult chairs ($0.50 a piece), and a nasty sunburn. We got a few other things, I'll show you later.

I have bins for everything. I would have loved to go buy all cute matching bins, but I'm trying to not spend much money on this project, so I've got various shapes and sizes of bins. Each girl also has a nice large bin for finished projects.

The computer desk will have it's own chair, but Heidi is borrowing it because I didn't feel like getting the rest of the chairs out of the garage yet.

As I typed this the girls finished up the projects they were working on and... Cleaned UP! Now, if only I could get them to do that every time.

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amy said...

It looks great! I wish I knew the secret to making sure they put the supplies away EVERY time they use them. We do good on that for a little while but it always seems to wear off quickly!

I love that they are all sitting there "working" at their table - so cute!