Thursday, April 7, 2011

More things that make me happy

I need to do some fun things this week, to keep myself from a bad mood. I've found something very fun! Sewing Swimsuits for the girls, complete with matching swim caps. I also need to list a bunch of caps in my Etsy shop, which I have begun doing.

Help, I'm out of control. I've let them pick a few fabrics they like and I have plans for a couple swimsuits for each. So far I've got 3 done. I sewed one on Monday, one on Tuesday, and one on Wednesday. Quick and Satisfying! Heidi has been wearing them all day everyday.

I don't know if you can tell, but there is a seahorse appliqued on the suit and on the cap. He needs an eye still, but I was fresh out of crystals, so he'll receive his eye later.

When I saw Camo spandex, I knew I HAD to make Heidi a "deer hunting" suit. She loves it. I was right.

I also finished with MY rag quilt. I've always loved these fabrics so I decided to make myself a rag quilt. It's mostly made of minkee and it's soooo soft. You may have recognized these fabrics from a few posts ago where you were supposed to guess what I had planned. Well, no one guessed, but I'll share anyway.

This quilt is also the color palate/theme of my sewing room which we are redoing. I'm very excited about this project, but equally overwhelmed. My room is torn apart right now and I can't find anything.

Heidi appreciates the softness!

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The Crazy Life of a Navy Wife said...

The swim suits were a GREAT idea! They're awesome!!!