Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

The girls got new swim suits. I was inspired by this blog post over at Made. Thanks for the inspiration! Her suit in better than mine, but I had sooo much fun playing with the ruffle fabric she used. I also have a serious addiction to spandex world! I have purchased several yards to make swim caps for my store, but I've also enjoyed making suits for the girls. You can never have too many swim suits, especially since they will be in lessons again this summer four days a week.

They, of course, didn't get them on Easter morning because I didn't have them finished. Do I ever have anything finished on time? I finished them on Easter evening. They got matching caps as well. I'm going to experiment around with putting a flower on the cap.

As promised, I've now completed 2 out of 3 of the fabric piles I showed you in this previous blog post.I used a different fabric for Karilyn's than that picture showed, because Karilyn kept picking pink ruffle fabrics that were impossible to match, hence the yellow used in this one and more trips to spandex world. I've finally found a fabric to match the original pink, so that will be made into a suit soon.

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Tenacious V said...

These suits? Are so stinkin' adorable. And how cute are the girls, all lined up in size order with their beautiful colors? LOVE. Talented mom and lovely little models. :-)