Saturday, June 11, 2011

Finally, A Fairy Garden!

I have been dreaming of a fairy garden for the girls and myself for more than 2 years. It's FINALLY "done". Although, it will never really be done, because I'll always be rearranging and adding new plants and things.

I bought each of the girls a fairy that looks just like them a week ago, but two of them are lost already, big surprise. So I added some dinosaurs instead, it's now a fairy-miniature-prehistoric garden.

The garden has a sand box, what fairy wouldn't want a sand box to play in. It's also got a mini swing, for all your fairy swinging needs. Check out the bird bath, it's there for all of the miniature birds that come to visit our garden.

There is even a tooth fairy house. Did you know that tooth fairies are smaller than regular fairies? They are because the two little houses are smaller than the rest of my fairy things. They put up the fence to keep out to dinosaurs, they don't particularly like dino teeth. Too sharp!

We put the garden behind our garage in kind of a shady protected area, I hope this helps keep the fairies' environment safe from the elements, although, I know it will never be safe from the elements who are my kids. "It's for them", "It's for them", I'll keep telling myself this. The good thing is though, if it gets "messed up" it's so fun to rearrange anyway that I don't think I'll mind too much.

There's talk of extending it next year, to fit in more fairies, I mean more fairy things. Dave would also like to add a water feature, perhaps a stream and a pond, you know for all the little miniature fish.

Here are the pictures:

One last problem, I kind of want to live in the fairy garden...


Melinda said...

I love this! I kinda want to live there too!!!! Have always wanted to do one!

Tenacious V said...

This is pretty amazing! Did you make the houses and fairy abodes, or did you buy them? How cute. All your stuff is always so inspiring, but I always read it late at night and have no inspiration left in the morning. ;-)

...Yvonne said...

This is absolutely amazing! My daughter, who is quite obsessed with Disney Fairies, would LOVE this!

Following your blog through Marian Millikan's "My2Jobs" :)