Sunday, January 25, 2009

Crazy Hair

Heidi woke up with some CRAZY hair today! I would like to believe that those who have to wait a long time for their kids to get hair that it would be all nice when it finally came in, well, that's just not the case.

Here in that picture you can see her infamous "deer hunting" pajamas. She gets very upset if she can not wear them EVERY night. The only way to calm her down when they are dirty is by letting her wear Karilyn's pajamas, which are huge on her.

She also LOVES talking on the phone now. This is a picture of her talking to Grandma.

And I have to love this picture, as it has never happened in our house before. Heidi got tired and climbed up in the chair and fell asleep.

And one more thing...

What does it mean when you do a wish bone and the top end completely falls off and both of you are left holding just a stick? Does it mean you have bad luck or something, or was it what you wished for that caused such a rare thing to happen? I wished for Dave to help me do some cleaning, does this mean he will never help me clean again? Or maybe it was what Dave wished for, hum, I think I'll ask him later. Are you allowed to say what you wished for even though you didn't win, or would it count as a tie and we both win, which in that case my wish is now null and void because I just told? Well, at least we had a good laugh when we both pulled and the top part flung off and went flying across the room. Well, he hasn't helped me clean yet...wait I think I hear the clanging of dishes coming from the kitchen. Maybe my wish has come true after all?

Well, regardless of what my husband may or may not be doing I'm off to do some more cleaning, someone's gotta do it and it won't get done if I don't.


Dave said...

I don't know where Heidi gets that hair from?
I was making pizza for dinner, and I am about to get my but in gear and do some cleaning around here because my wife deserves a break! She was a cleaning machine today!

The Crazy Life of a Navy Wife said...

LOVE Heidi's hair!!! Oh my :) She's so so adorable in all of the pictures!!!

I also hope your wish comes true!!! I can't wait to have Dan home to help me do some cleaning!!!

Traci said...

What a stinking cute picture of Heidi on the chair! Priceless is what that is.

Tenacious V said...

Awww, Heidi has a lot of crazy hair nowadays! Too cute. Wish someone would come clean my house...sigh. :-)