Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's about time...

to post my pictures from Christmas!

Heidi loves her Calico Critter babies.

Karilyn wanted to put cookies out for Santa, I guess to feel like a "normal" kid, but she decided to eat them herself.

Karilyn's "big" gift was this covered wagon.

Heidi likes it just as much as Karilyn.

And here is the school bus:

Except for the school bus, we didn't really go overboard this year, and we got the school bus for a really good deal, as you all know. It's so easy to buy and buy! I kind of made a loose rule that I wouldn't be buying presents that had a lot of packaging. I didn't want to spent Christmas trying to get toys out of packages, and it's not good for the environment. So a lot of the toys were either second hand or "more natural" or clothes. The calico critters were the only toys that really had packaging, oh and this mermaid doll that Karilyn wanted really bad. It also helped with our budget, I kind of judged the toy by how much packaging it had. And the less packaging it had, the less likely it would have come from China, no offense Valli. lol I know that I probably won't be able to do that as much as they get older, but for now, it is a good rule for me.

Oh, but the school bus came with tons of packaging, however, the foam stuff I'm recycling into shipping material for my own use, and all the cardboard will be turned into a Wendy's when I'm having the baby by request of Karilyn. My Dad made a General Store/McDonald's with her when I was having Heidi, so she told Heidi that they would make a Wendy's this time. My dream of having a basement full of cardboard houses and stores is finally becoming a reality.


amy said...

Great photos! My favorite is the one of Karilyn eating Santa's cookies! Hilarious!

Looks like Christmas was fun for everyone!

Love you!

Tenacious V said...

Heh, who knew you'd have such modest dreams of cardboard cities in your basement. ;-) The kids are adorable, and the school bus looks fun.

No offense. I only want to buy my things from China directly from China, not through a middle man.

Traci said...

Way to cool! I love it!

Dave said...

If you have your dad buy stuff while he is in China, isn't he the middle man now?

sunfairie said...

wow this bus IS AMAZING!
Peggy told me to check it out...
I want one!
You rock Beth!