Friday, January 16, 2009

An investment in my health

I always have very low hemoglobin (iron) levels, it usually measures about 11. After both births it dropped to a low 7 range. I never had a transfusion, but this is a range where most doctors will give you a transfusion. Instead I took horrible iron pills, which come with all kinds of nasty side effects.

I always try to eat a diet high in iron, but it never seems to be enough, so I thought I'd search for other options. (I'm trying to make this birth a bit more "pleasurable" than my last two.) So I found a natural iron supplement which I started taking a little over a week ago. I think by boosting my iron levels now, it won't be as inclined to drop so much after I deliver.

Since I started taking it, I haven't gotten a bad headache every day at 5:00 and I've only taken one nap! I was so tired all the time that it was hard to keep my eyes open and I was taking a nap everyday that I could when Heidi took hers. I feel like a different person, I hardly even get tired now and I've been pretty much headache free. I've even been staying up late some nights, where before I couldn't function after 8:30. I think I've been less irritable also, but you'll have to ask Dave and the girls if that's true.

Anyway, It's so good to feel so much better. The iron is really expensive though, I used my hard earned paypal money to order a supply for the rest of my pregnancy, but I think it was money well spent. I hope it's not just a placebo or that I'm now 21 weeks and I'd be feeling better anyway. Well, whatever it is, I'm going to keep taking it.

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I take it this iron is totally safe during prengnancy? That's great you found something that helps you feel so much better! I bet you will see a difference after this birth! Good luck!