Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our Summer in Review

Our Summer
Just in case you were wondering, here's what we did all summer:
  1. We put a garden in. I hope to get a chance to show the progression in another blog. It was a huge project and kept us pretty busy.

2. On the 4th of July we went to Monument Park to watch the fireworks. Although the girls look like they are about to fall asleep in this picture they did have fun. Heidi oohed and aahed the entire time and after every firework she said "mor" and signed the sign for more.

3. We had the pool up for about a month. We emptied and refilled it a couple times, it got pretty yucky, especially since they loved to eat corn on the cob while swimming. Obviously we don't wait 20 minutes after eating to swim.

4. This was our first harvest of multiple things. I just had to take a picture of it. It was so pretty and colorful! Included in the picture: one cucumber, green bell peppers, purple bell peppers, one beet, green beans, a couple strawberries, red and yellow tomatoes, and peas.

5. Karilyn went to princess camp at church. She had a blast. She got to have a ballet lesson, story time, a snack, and they made a craft. They did a little production of dancing for the parents at the end. We got there late and missed most of it. Shoot!
6. We put a huge sandbox in for Karilyn and Heidi. They absolutely love it.
7. I ran in the Hall of Fame race, but did horribly. I came down with the flu just hours after the race. Karilyn and Heidi did the kid's fun run. It's about a 1/4 mile "run". Karilyn ran with her grandpa...and his coffee. Heidi ran with Dave but tripped on her way across the finish line. Sorry the picture is sideways. 8. These next pictures are from our trip to Cedar Point. We had a blast. Karilyn rode a kiddie roller coaster, it was a little scary even for me. She laughed the whole time. She wanted to ride a bigger one so bad, if only she was a few inches taller. Heidi liked the rides that went slow the most, but she had fun on the faster ones too as long as we were right there with her.
They both fell asleep in the middle of the day, Dave and I didn't know what we did to get so lucky!

Heidi like the horns, which sounded more like buzzers.
9. For the Olympics we had a gymnastics party on the night of the girls team finals. We sat up a vault, beam, and a floor exercise area. It was a lot of fun!
10. And lastly, we went to the zoo. Everyone had a great time.

And I just accidentally just deleted the last picture of all of us at the zoo in front of an elephant. It was a cute on too. Close your eyes and try to imagine it because I'm not redoing this just to add it.

I'm glad it's fall, I'm tired!


Tenacious V said...

Love it! All the pics are gorgeous. Man, you guys had a fun summer. Guess that means I'll have to work harder to have fun once we have kids. ;-)

amy said...

This is awesome! I love all the pictures! It's so fun to see what you guys do since we don't get to see you much. I think I will do this too. I'm a copy cat. (Hmm, wonder what my next blog post will be...)

Dave said...

wow, I guess I didn't realize all that we did this year. I love Heidi's face in the picture of us on the ride at Cedar Point. I want to see the picture of the elephant!

Tenacious V said...

How did your triathlon go?! Sorry I've resorted to just leaving you a comment on your last blog, I'm too lazy to access my e-mail. Also, BPA has a smell? If that's what is making my den smell amazing, then I fear I might be completely infertile, cause I've been sniffing like it's my job...