Friday, September 26, 2008

The Woes of Home Schooling

OK, so I just blogged, but just as I was publishing my last one, Dave put the icing on the cake of how my day went and I couldn't pass up the chance to blog about it.

So as many of you know I began homeschooling Karilyn a few weeks ago. I have mostly loved it so far. I will actually be pretty sad if she wants to go to "real kindergarten" next year. Most days go good, some not so good, as the case was today:

We stared out OK, but as Karilyn was laying on the floor working on math Heidi thought it was funny to tickle her, we deal with that one pretty much everyday.

But then as we were reading her book together Misty, our dog, ran to the front door hacking, then proceeded to throw up. I quickly opened up the door feeling relieved that I caught it before she threw up all over the house...or did I?

I walked down the hall to find throw up in the hall, and in three different places in the family room.

It was about time for her science experiment anyway. We were going to evaporate water out of salt water. So I thought I'd give Karilyn the directions to mix up the salt water while I cleaned up the vomit. I was getting the salt down, Heidi stepped in guess it! Then she walked all around the rug in the family room. Karilyn was screaming "Heidi stepped in the throw up", then she started to gag. I told her to run in and finish mixing the salt water.

We got everything cleaned up and called it a day for homeschooling except to watch the pan of water on the front porch. Until Dave came home from work...

He brings me an empty pan and asked why it was sitting out there. I told him that it was our science experiment. He said, "I'm sorry, I dumped it out."
Luckily, Karilyn and Heidi were at Grandma's house at the time, so he quickly replaced the salt and water and put it back out there.


Dave said...

opps, how was I supposed to know????

Valli said...

At first I thought that Misty was throwing up because she drank all the salt water. I was so confused! But that's just the fiction writer in me, looking for all the events to connect in poetic irony. But yeah, days like that stink (but are fun for others to read)!

amy said...

Hilarious story. It brought back memories of Laura stepping in Lindsay's poopy diaper and then all over my family room carpet. She is the most accident-prone, messy, and clumsy kid I have ever known. Good thing she's pretty.

I finally blogged. Not as exciting as "I finally pooped" but hey, it's something.


Dave said...

It must be easy for fiction writers to get confused by such a simple story :)